The RIght Coating Methods Will Protect Your Equipment

Most machinery is treated with powder coated finish because they last much longer than painting the same surface will. The coating that is used is called electrostatic spray and is used for a metal substrate. Powder coatings are usually applied with a spray gun. This method applies an electrostatic charge to the powder that will be grounded to the part. The coating must be cured in an oven which creates its density. The density of a coating is very resistant to breaking down. In addition to this type of treatment, there are other coating methods that can be used for other types of surfaces.

Pre Treatment

Working with a certified applicator who understands the process of powder coating will ensure the right type of treatment is used. The type of material being treated will determine if they should receive a seven stage Zinc-Phosphate for steel or galvanized products, or a seven stage Chromate for aluminum or galvanized materials. Another pretreatment process is Manganese Phosphate.

Powder Coating With Automatic Reciprocators

Powder coatings can be applied with automatic reciprocators. These types of units are very sophisticated and can cover units that are six meters in length. If a unit isn’t that long, several pieces of equipment can be finished at the same time using the same application.

Manual Spraying Of Powder Coatings

Manual spraying is ideal for smaller items or assemblies that are very complicated. All of the overspray from manual spraying is reclaimed, so it’s friendlier to the environment. This type of coating can be performed on a single item or to various pieces that need to be coated.


Curing has to be performed on an item has been powder coated. This could involve radiant heat which works great for aluminum, is similar to Infra-Red. A camel-back oven or box oven could also be used for bulky items and reduces the chance of cross-contamination.

If you need your equipment powder coated properly, it’s important to work with a company that is certified in the field. It’s also important they provide a fast turnaround time for all of their customers. Their equipment should include state-of-the-art techniques that provide the best finishes in the industry.